How can HBLU™ help me? - Healing from the Body Level Up - Mind Body Spirit Therapy

With HBLU™, we can identify the exact patterns and causes of the symptoms and behaviors that are sabotaging you. If the symptoms are cause by psychological/emotional damage patterns, HBLU™. can easily help you determine what type of patterns are causing them from a menu of well characterized patterns. Using another menu, we can find the most effective protocol or technique to release the pattern from mind, body and spirit. Furthermore, the HBLU menu uses techniques that anyone can easily learn, work in minutes, are practically painless, and clear the damage patterns at the conscious, unconscious, body, and soul levels permanently.

Many physical symptoms are caused by psychological patterns alone or a combination of physical and psychological causes. Remember, the mind and body are one. Many physicians refer their patients to us for this reason and vice versa.

Some physical problems can be exclusively healed with HBLU™. If some of the symptoms also have physical causes, we collaborate with or refer to specialists in those areas i.e. Western medicine, chiropractic, naturopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, physical and massage therapy, exercise, etc. If the cause of the problem is lack of knowledge, we can do skill training and education or refer you to the appropriate teachers and coaches.

The important point is to find all the causes and use the best treatments to match the causes!

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