Can HBLU™ help me with my particular problem? - Healing from the Body Level Up - Mind Body Spirit Therapy

HBLU™ is good for helping people with many different kinds of problems. Many of the things that HBLU™. is good for are described on this website. To find out if we can help you with your particular version of a problem, call our office at 781-444-6940 to schedule a free 15 minute appointment with Judith.

I’ve spent years in therapy understanding my problems, but I still have the problems. How can HBLU™. help me?

Talk therapy helps people get insight into their unconscious mind, but it does not clear the problems at that level. Talk therapy also does not address issues that are stored in the body, the personality structure or the soul. HBLU™. is so effective because:

It uses muscle testing to access the client’s deepest wisdom/soul which guides all the healing,
It has a menu of well characterized interference patterns, reproducible step-by-step healing protocols, and the ability to match the right technique to the right problem.
It actually clears out the blocks to success, not just at the conscious level, but also at the unconscious, body, and soul levels.
I’ve tried all kinds of different holistic therapies and they haven’t worked for me. How would HBLU™ be different?

HBLU™ is effective even when other therapies have failed because it covers a broader range of possible treatment areas than many other modalities and uses a more extensive menu of techniques (60 at last count!). Through Dr. Swack’s careful research, HBLU can successfully diagnose and treat interference patterns from Life Experience (including past life and ancestral patterns), Personality Structure (including addictive behavior patterns), and External Interference (including supernatural patterns and cultural and family brainwashing).

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