What is the mind-body problem? - Healing from the Body Level Up - Mind Body Spirit Therapy

When people are plagued by emotions that inhibit them, or behaviors that don’t benefit them; when people know what to do that’s healthy, but still don’t do it; when people find it impossible to control their urges; they are at the mercy of unconscious self-sabotage.

Thoughts and emotions are linked. Unconscious self-sabotage is caused by negative experiences that cause damage to parts of ourselves which remains stored in the unconscious mind and body. Damage patterns cause negative emotions which we feel in our bodies. Emotions have more energy than thoughts and can take over our perceptions, reactions and behavior. When this happens the rational (conscious) mind is not in charge, and the struggle between the rational mind and the unconscious self-sabotage feelings makes it difficult to achieve our goals.

What is the best way to control your mind, body, and emotions? How can I recondition my mind from old patterns of negativity and discouragement? How can I declutter my mind from stupid thoughts that are making me stuck in life?

The most important thing to understand is that problematic physical, emotional or behavioral symptoms are caused by something. We call these somethings damage patterns or interference patterns. Rather than treating the symptoms, with HBLU™. , we find and then heal the causes of the problem, thus eliminating the problem! Anxiety, for example, can have many different causes.

Anxiety could be caused by a phobia which is an irrational and exaggerated reaction to something that is not actually dangerous. Since phobias are body level reactions caused by an earlier traumatic experience that triggered the biological fight or flight reflex, the best treatment is to use a technique that activates the calming reflex to eliminate the phobic reaction.
Anxiety could be a signal from your unconscious mind that you are not adequately prepared for an upcoming task. In that case, the best treatment is to do more study and preparation.
Anxiety could be caused by an overactive thyroid. In that case the treatment of choice is nutritional or medical.

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