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The Soul Orientation Process is a FREE Teleconference Available for Download

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The Soul Orientation Process; How to Navigate in the Dualistic Universe
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This process helps people feel their connection with God/Divine Source and inspires and reinvigorates them to do their soul missions and work collaboratively with other lightworkers.

Past Teleconferences Available for Purchase

Healing the Wounded Lightworker Lightworkers are people whose soul mission involves community service and whose focus is on being a beacon of light in the darkness i.e. raising consciousness, and bringing people closer to God. Lightworker’s ideas are always ahead of their time and are usually in conflict with the people in power and the status quo. Sometimes, Lightworkers (and others in their communities) get killed for performing their soul missions. They carry traumatic grief, anger, and fear into subsequent lifetimes and try to assuage their guilt through suffering and sometimes service. The purpose of this healing protocol is to heal this past-life trauma and get all lightworkers fully back in service.

Special Price: $45.00

Preserve Your Sanity by Creating Stable Boundaries for Every Situation Have you ever had an unpleasant interaction with someone and walked away feeling upset even though you know it’s not personal? What happened is that they overstepped your boundaries. Conscious awareness that it’s their problem and not yours is not enough to protect you emotionally. To really be effective, boundaries need to be 100% intact at the conscious, unconscious, body, and soul levels of your being. In this much-needed seminar, Dr. Swack will teach participants the Boundar Tap technique for sealing energetic boundaries and clearing out unwanted negative energy.

“This program has been approved for 3 Social Work Continuing Education hours for
relicensure, in accordance with 258 CMR. Collaborative of NASW and the Boston College
and Simmons Schools of Social Work Authorization Number D51902.”

Special Price: $45.00

The Great Trauma Rip-Off: Recover what you’ve lostWhether you lost a loved one less than a year ago or more than 60 years ago, my clients and I have found that the memory of their loved ones is tainted by trauma. Healing trauma at all levels allows people to easily recall special memories of loving connection and feel appreciation for the ways in which their lives were enriched by having known that person.

Special Price: $45.00

Clear Curses in SecondsHave you experienced unexplained bad luck? Do strange things happen to you that you simply can’t account for rationally? You may have a curse, a kind of evil spell that causes bad luck. Fortunately, it is easy to test for curses and even easier to clear them once found. Tune in to this teleconference and learn a reproducible technique for clearing curses in seconds so you can keep yourself curse-free for the rest of your life

Special Price: $45.00

Lifting Depression (featuring the History Trauma Pattern)

Have you lost interest in activities that used to give you pleasure. Do you feel hopeless about being able to change anything in your life? Do you have trouble sleeping or getting out of bed every day? Do you cry for no reason? Do you feel that life has no meaning and the world would be better off without you? Do you eat, drink or do drugs to cope with these feelings? In this much needed and fascinating teleseminar, Dr. Swack will describe the difference between physiological and psychologically caused depression, and heal participants of some of the many underlying patterns that cause depression.

Special Price: $45.00

History Trauma: Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Panic AttacksHistory trauma is a blocked memory pattern which prevents people from accessing large stretches of their history making it difficult and traumatic to revisit and treat specific traumas. In this ground-breaking workshop, participants will learn to release history trauma and eliminate symptoms of PTSD and panic attacks.

Special Price: $45.00