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How Healing From The Body Level Up Can Help You.

About Dr. Judith A. Swack and David Danzig, LICSW and MFT, Senior Associate

Judith Swack, Ph.D. is a practicing scientist, visionary, teacher and healer. Since 1981 she has synthesized biomedical research with research from other non-medical systems.  The results: innovative and powerful applications with transformative results.

Additional formal training and certification includes: NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy, and Systematic Applied Kinesiology. She has published and been cited in professional journals and speaks regularly at international conferences.

Judith is joined by a team of associates. Each HBLU™, Inc. associate has gone through a minimum of 100 hours of rigorous training and has been certified to practice using Healing from the Body Level Up™ methodology. Judith and her associates often collaborate with each other so clients can benefit from a team approach.

Additionally, Dr. Swack conducts training in HBLU methodology for healthcare and mental healthcare professionals. Her techniques are reproducible and many social workers, therapists and nurses have found their practices greatly enhanced by the inclusion of HBLU™. In fact, Continuing Education credits are available for social workers, counselors and nurses.

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“Six weeks after taking HBLU™ my client load and income doubled. Instead of a handful of breakthrough miracle sessions each year, I have that many each day.” Amy St. Hilaire, MA, MFT

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“This work gave me back my life.” – Susan S., Writer, Boston, MA

“I’ve made more progress in the most important areas of my life in just a few sessions than I did in 5 years of traditional therapy. This woman is amazing! I’ve already referred 10 clients to her.” – Jane U., Teacher, Boston , MA

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Additional information: Dr. Swack’s Curriculum Vitae

David Danzig, LICSW and MFT, Senior Associate email: david@daviddanzig.com An innovative therapist with more than 25 years of experience, David Danzig has worked with adolescents, families, couples and individuals in community, residential and hospital settings to overcome complex personal and life issues including performance anxiety, trauma, depression, dysfunctional relationships, poor school performance, substance abuse and learning disabilities.

As a pioneering therapist dedicated to learning and practicing the most innovative treatments, in 2000 David became certified in Healing From the Body Level Up™. David has successfully used HBLU™ to help professional musicians overcome performance anxiety, and numerous clients overcome debilitating fears and phobias in just a few sessions. In addition to helping individuals, couples and families defeat challenging obstacles in order to move on and lead productive and satisfying lives, David has also designed and presented numerous workshops to leading organizations including the Boston Globe, Greater Boston Food Bank, Carney Hospital, Hewlett-Packard, Law Offices of Brown, Rudnick, Freed & Genser, Massachusetts Medical Society, and the Risk Management Group, assisting them with both organizational and family/life issues.

David was trained in therapy at Boston University where he received his Master in Social Work degree. He also received a Bachelor in Science degree from the University of Connecticut, and completed advanced clinical training in family therapy at the Greater Lynn Community Mental Health Center in Lynn, MA. He is a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

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