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Free Covid-19 Webinar

Quickly Release COVID-19 Related Phobias and Traumas Free Webinar, with Judith A. Swack, Ph.D, and Lynn Waldrop of the Body Channel

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Read the three Handouts from the Video:

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Don’t sit in anxiety, fear and upset or let people you care do it.

Dr. Swack demonstrates and teaches an effective stress relief technique called Natural Bio-Destressing to help you calm down and be able to show others how to quickly and effectively de-stress themselves as well.

Calm your fears and get back the focus you need to think straight and deal with the situation using all your strength, courage and resources.

Recordings of the 3 Day World Pandemic Relief Summit. April 2 – 4, 2020

Day 1 Dr. Judith Swack – Releasing Phobias and Traumas Surrounding the Covid-19 Crisis

Day 2 Lynn Waldrop – Updated Covid-19 Energy Work + Working with Your Bodies At Home

Day 3 Cari Cater, Dipl.LAc. –  Neurological Signature Group Treatment. For more about Cari visit