Eliminating Hidden Patterns of Suffering Part 2
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Eliminating Hidden Patterns of Suffering Part 2

A Seven Session Zoom Workshop with Judith Swack, Ph.D. Originator of Healing From the Body Level UpTM (HBLUTM)

For the last four decades, Dr. Judith Swack has devoted her life to eliminating unnecessary suffering and helping people get unstuck by clearing unconscious self-sabotage so they can lead successful and happy lives.

Although she had an extensive tool kit when she started her practice, it bothered her when something didn’t work. Intrigued, she would go into “research mode” to find out what was missing, and then create protocols and acquire or invent new techniques for treating these new patterns. Over the years, the HBLU repertoire grew from treating phobias and traumas to clearing dysfunctional family patterns, transforming distorted ego structures, and eliminating cultural and religious brainwashing.

In this fascinating and timely training Dr. Swack will share her original research on hidden patterns that cause suffering and lead the group in live healing.

Session 1: A Pattern that causes you to store stress in your lungs and your stomach, and a pattern that shortens your life by 7 – 15 years.
Session 2: A Pattern that prevents you from knowing who you are. Release of this pattern results in instance elevation of consciousness
Session 3: Dysfunctional Family Secrecy Contract and True Identity Secrecy Contract
Session 4: Victim Secrecy Contract
Session 5: Blocked Access to Wishing
Session 6: Blocked Access to Loss & The Unlovable Pattern
Session 7: Reparenting

For each session participants will receive a written protocol that you will be able to use with your clients on Monday!

What you'll learn

How to heal advanced patterns that prevent your clients from healing.


Ability to use muscle testing and Meridian Tapping techniques.
Eliminating Hidden Patterns of Suffering Part 1

Computer, pad or phone
Internet Access

read: It's No Big Deal
video: Session 1: It's No Big Deal
read: A Seducer Strategy That Shortens Life
video: Session 2: I Persist and Can't Let It Rest
read: Dysfunctional Family Secrecy Contract
read: True Identity Secrecy Contract
video: Session 3: True Identity Secrecy Contract
read: Victim Secrecy Contract
video: Session 4: Victim Secrecy Contract
video: Session 5: Blocked Access to Wishing
video: Session 6: Blocked Access to Loss & Unlovable
video: Session 7: Reparenting
review: Review the product

About the instructor

Dr. Judith A. Swack

Dr. Judith A. Swack

Author, presenter and trainer
4.87 Instructor rating
1,533 reviews
23,912 students
29 courses

Since 1981 she has synthesized biomedical research with research from other non-medical systems. The results: innovative and powerful applications with transformative results.

Additional formal training and certification includes: NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy, and Systematic Applied Kinesiology. She has published and been cited in professional journals and speaks regularly at international conferences.

Judith is joined by a team of associates. Each HBLU™, Inc. associate has gone through a minimum of 100 hours of rigorous training and has been certified to practice using Healing from the Body Level Up™ methodology. Judith and her associates often collaborate with each other so clients can benefit from a team approach.

Additionally, Dr. Swack conducts training in HBLU™ methodology for healthcare and mental healthcare professionals. Her techniques are reproducible and many social workers, therapists and nurses have found their practices greatly enhanced by the inclusion of HBLU™. In fact, Continuing Education credits are available for social workers, counselors and nurses.

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