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HBLU™ Explained – History.

I am Judith Swack, and I am the originator, and the developer, along with many of my teachers, colleagues, and clients, of an innovative, rapid, and powerful new mind/body/spirit methodology called Healing from the Body Level Up™. What is Healing from the Body Level Up™ or HBLU™ for short? It is a holistic psychotherapy system that heals a person at the conscious level, the unconscious level, the body level and the soul level simultaneously. HBLU™ puts people in touch with their soul’s deepest wisdom and allows them to work congruently with that wisdom to achieve the results they want in their lives so they can live full, happy and satisfying lives. I am a Ph.D. biochemist and immunologist and a Neuro-linguistic programmer, I developed this healing system by integrating biomedical science, Neuro-linguistic Programming, psychology, applied kinesiology, energy psychology techniques, and spiritual practices with my original research on the structure of complex damage patterns and years of follow-up testing to confirm the results.


Many people ask me, how did I, a Ph.D. biochemist, immunologist, research scientist become a mind body healer? Well, it’s an interesting story. When I was 30 years old I was a "walking head". That approach worked well in my scientific career but not in my love life. The way I kept making the same mistakes over and over again in my relationships made me wonder if there was something wrong with my intelligence. Then, one of the men I was dating recommended a self-help workshop called Actualizations. In this workshop I learned about the unconscious mind which ran 90% of my life and of which I had been completely unconscious. I was relieved to realize that the problems in my love life were due to damage in my unconscious mind and not some problem with my conscious intelligence. From that moment on, when I noticed that I and eventually the people I treated were not getting results in some area of their lives I asked the questions, "what else is there and am I looking in the right place for the answer?"

So I decided if I wanted to have any control over my life whatsoever, I needed to collaborate with and heal if necessary my unconscious mind, but I didn’t know how to do that. So I found out that the originator of Actualizations, Stuart Emory, was trained in Neuro-Linguistic Progamming (NLP), a new and highly successful mental technology (as opposed to biotechnology or high technology) that was designed to help people communicate with and heal their unconscious minds. That year, 1981, I did NLP practitioner training and began my career as a mind/body healer. My training continued with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, post-doctoral training in human immunology, and Master Practitioner certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. My personal healing work with other NLP practitioners resulted in the complete disappearance of allergies and asthma, marriage to a wonderful man, a daughter who is the delight of my life, and a career that I find very rewarding.

As a scientist I appreciated the NLP concept that all damage has structure (for example, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, phobias), and that specific damage patterns can be cleared using reproducible protocols. I was also interested achieving lasting results. As I followed up with my clients, if they got incomplete results I would ask, "what else is there and am I looking in the right place for the answer?" Through this quest I found the body level of healing through the work of Roger Callahan and his Thought Field Therapy and the work of Mary Louise Muller and her synthesis of applied kinesiology, cranio-sacral and polarity therapy. I found the soul level of healing that included ego or personality structure through the work of Andrew Hahn, my Enneagram teacher. I found supernatural interference through the work of many of my clients and colleagues who were versed in religion, shamanism, mysticism, and Jungian psychology. In each of these levels and areas I collected or created techniques that worked effectively, and Healing from the Body Level Up™ was born.

To set the philosophical framework of Healing from the Body Level Up™, I created a working model of reality called "The Big Picture". I believe that we all have a soul that is radiant and beautiful. Our souls are currently embodied in human form on the planet earth. The question is, why?

I believe that there are two reasons for this.

  1. We are embodied in order to manifest our soul mission and make our personal contribution to the world. The ability to manifest our mission is what makes our lives feel meaningful and deeply satisfying. When we die, we can look back on our life and see that the world was a better place for our having been here.
  2. We are here to experience the fullness of life and all that it has to offer. We are tourists here. This means eat, drink, be merry, learn, love, travel, experience emotional ups and downs, learn about your body and other life-forms on the planet, etc. Life is fascinating!

If you are not on track with your soul mission, or you feel uncomfortable or you’re not getting the desired results in some part of your life, then there must be some type of interference. The next question is, what type of interference can there be? I see three major categories of interference.

The first major category is LIFE EXPERIENCE. The damage in this category occurs during life experience and imprints in the conscious mind, the unconscious mind, and the body levels. Examples of damage patterns at the conscious level include misinformation or lack of information and skills. Examples of damage patterns at the unconscious level include limiting beliefs (a belief that you feel is true, but you know better), and bad habits that we pick up from our parents. Examples of damage that we pick up at the body level includes physical injuries/illnesses and emotional traumas.

The second major category of interference is PERSONALITY STRUCTURE. This is your ego structure or operating system (like Windows is a computer operating system). The personality structure sets your sense of self and your world view. It is the filter through which you process all incoming and outgoing information. If you have "bugs" in your operating system it interferes with large areas of your life. I use the enneagram model of personality structure because I find it very useful.

The third major category is called EXTERNAL INTERFERENCE because I don’t believe that we create or control everything that happens to us in the universe. Examples of external factors that interfere with us are natural disasters, nasty people with free will, and those things folklore and mythology describe as supernatural phenomena.

We start the work by teaching the client how to consciously access information from the unconscious mind using the NLP technique of going inside and talking to the part that needs healing. The responses take the following forms:

  1. Visual; a picture, a memory, a dream that you can see,
  2. Auditory; a thought in words, a piece of music, a tone of voice,
  3. Kinesthetic; a physical or emotional sensation felt in the body. (Sometimes there is a taste or smell response.)
We teach the client how to consciously access information from the body and soul levels using an applied kinesiology technique called muscle testing (which is based on the same principle as lie detector testing; that is, the body will register true or false to questions). Once we have established communication with the unconscious mind, body, and soul, THE CLIENT’S SOUL/DEEPEST WISDOM DICTATES ALL OF THE GOALS, DIRECTIONS, AND HEALING STEPS that we do during a session. This includes information about which patterns interfere with the goal, where they are located in the body, and which interventions to use to clear it.

This is one place where Healing from the Body Level Up™ differs from many other therapy and healing systems. In many other systems the facilitator or therapist determines the damage pattern and chooses the intervention for the client. If the intervention does not work, the facilitator may wonder:

  1. did I understand what the damage pattern was?
  2. did I choose the correct technique?
  3. did I do the intervention correctly?
  4. is there some other part of the client that is interfering with achieving the outcome?
In HBLU™ the ability to communicate with the client’s conscious mind, unconscious mind, body, and soul simultaneously takes a lot of the guesswork out of the healing process.

All the healing work in HBLU™ is done according to the standard balance protocol outlined here.


  1. Establish priority goal.
  2. Get permission to work on the goal.
  3. Determine % negative charge on the goal.
  4. Find priority interference pattern (menu A)
  5. Explain and understand priority interference pattern.
  6. Choose technique to clear priority interference pattern (menu B).
  7. Locate feeling in the body that is associated with priority interference pattern.
  8. Do technique.
  9. Test results.
  10. Write learnings.

I believe that the effectiveness of HBLU™ is due to four factors. The process of asking the client’s deepest wisdom to identify the priority goal and the priority interference pattern, then having the client explain the pattern consciously, and finally locating the negative energy/feelings in the body allows all four levels to focus on and clear the problem simultaneously. I call this aligning the levels. The second factor is a comprehensive menu of damage patterns and knowledge of their structures. The third factor is a comprehensive menu of techniques. My criteria for including therapeutic techniques in my menu is that they be effective, work in minutes, be as painless as possible, and permanently clear the damage at the conscious, unconscious, body, and soul levels. The fourth factor is specificity. By choosing the priority interference pattern from menu A and matching the appropriate intervention from menu B, each session is tailor made for that individual.

I like to discover and characterize the structure of damage patterns with the intention of finding the quickest and most effective way to heal them. To give you an example of the HBLUTM approach to healing complex damage patterns, I summarize below the protocol for heal two common depression patterns. (For a description of the HBLU™ approach to healing trauma see The Basic Structure of Loss and Violence Trauma in the papers section of this website).

Originated by Judith A. Swack, Ph.D. and codeveloped with Andrew Hahn, Psy.D.

There are several patterns at the unconscious, body/soul, and personality structure levels that cause depression. This pattern has a three-part structure that forms when a child is born into a hostile family environment. The child, who cannot distinguish himself from his environment, absorbs the hostility. Eventually, the child goes over threshold, decides that this situation is all there is to life, and he would rather die. The entire pattern forms a complex sabotage strategy consisting of three interwoven beliefs:

  1. I want to die.
  2. I am my history.
  3. Someone in my family wants me dead (threatens my survival).
This pattern interferes with all forms of healing and growth. The part of the client that feels, "I want to die" acts as an energy drain and a demotivating force by saying in effect, "why bother to get well; leave me alone, I just wants to die." Energetically it feels like driving with your parking brake on. The part of the client that feels, "I am my history," believes that any changes that he makes, or healing that he does will alter his identity. This part says, "I’m afraid to change" or "I’ve had this pattern for so long, I don’t know who I’d be without it."

The Deathwish Pattern manifests in people with varying degrees of severity. At high levels of intensity, people attempt suicide. At moderate levels of intensity, people consider killing themselves or just wish they were dead. At low levels of intensity, the pattern slows or prevents healing and growth.

The key to eliminating the Standard Deathwish Pattern is to clear the accumulated hostility that caused the pattern to develop in the first place. The practitioner helps the client determine (by muscle testing) where is the root cause of the feeling, "someone in my family wants me dead." The practitioner then helps the client to age regress using Timeline Therapy, and helps the client eliminate through all time, the accumulated hostility with healing light and other techniques. The remaining two beliefs clear simultaneously.

When people clear this pattern at the conscious, unconscious, and body/soul levels, using the Deathwish Intervention, they become congruently invested in living. They are more receptive to therapeutic interventions aimed at resolving other problems in their lives, and they achieve their life goals more quickly. To see a live demonstration of healing deathwish patterns order our video "Healing the Deathwish Patterns" (available under Products on this site).

Originated by Judith A. Swack, Ph.D.

  1. I want to die.
  2. I am my history.
  3. Someone in my family wants me dead (threatens my survival).
  4. I want to murder everyone (or I am angry with the whole world).
  5. I am evil.
There is another form of deathwish pattern in people who come from families where there is a history of depression, alcoholism, and other addictions. I call it the Ancestral Deathwish pattern. The Ancestral Deathwish pattern starts with an ancestor who experienced a devastating trauma that may also involve a grudge. The root cause is usually war or murder. That is why the pattern contains the additional beliefs, I want to murder everyone (or I am angry with the whole world) which signifies a grudge, and I am evil which signifies violence. This pattern is common in people of Irish ancestry and other nationalities with a history of persecution. To clear this type of Deathwish pattern, we follow the feeling of I want to murder everyone, I am angry with whole world, or I am evil to root cause in the ancestry. We the clear the trauma and the grudge with healing light and other techniques. To see a live demonstration of healing deathwish patterns order our video "Healing the Deathwish Patterns" (available under Products on this site).

HBLU™ is geared to empowering people to become happy, successful and self-sufficient and to working the therapist out of a job. Clients learn techniques to use in daily life and proudly report resolving between-session trauma and other difficulties on their own. "Spontaneous" resolution of problems is also a common side-effect of treatment. What clients and therapists report they like most about HBLU™ is that it works rapidly and effectively, and it is even fun.

To learn more about HBLU™ or to obtain individual sessions or training (for both the general public and those in the healing professions) in your area, call (781) 444-6940 (office) or (800) 310-6549, send an e-mail to: [email protected]