Career & Finance


Are you feeling unfulfilled with your career, current income, or just life in general?

Would you like to:

  1. Make more money?
  2. Easily manage and enjoy your money?
  3. Find the ideal job for you?
  4. Make yours a thriving business?
  5. Get along well with people at work?
  6. Feel satisfied and fulfilled in your work or career?

We believe that everybody has something unique and important to contribute to the world and should be paid (or otherwise valued) for doing what they do best and doing what they love to do.

HBLU ™ can help you achieve career and financial goals by 1) helping you connect with your inner skills, talents, resources, and confidence and by 2) clearing unconscious blocks to success including:

  • Negative beliefs about money
  • Anxiety about success or failure
  • Negative beliefs about your capabilities, talent, or worth
  • Fears about having no purpose
  • Fears of doing your soul mission
  • Dysfunctional family patterns that you could be (unfortunately) reproducing at work

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    David Wilcox

    Marketing & Sales Executive

    “I had just heard that my company had lost a major contract and I was experiencing a loss of confidence in my team of people as well as a general “freezing up” of my creative problem-solving abilities. In just 10 minutes, Dr. Swack’s techniques enabled me to unfreeze and open my mind to insights, restoring my confidence and ability to seek solutions.”

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    Private Practice Blossoms

    “A year ago, I moved to a new city and opened a new private practice. As a way to supplement my income, I took a part time agency job that was quite unfulfilling. The job involved very little pay and lots of paperwork. Last spring I trained in HBLU ™ I with Judith and decided to work privately with her. After only 3 sessions – in less than two months- my private practice blossomed from 5 clients/week to 15 clients/week! I’ve given my notice and am leaving the agency at the end of September.
    Thank you, Judith”

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