AMHCA 2023 Annual Conference

AMHCA 2023 Annual Conference

AMHCA 2023 Annual Conference

Royal Sonesta Hotel
New Orleans, Louisana

Conference Dates:
June 27 – 29, 2023

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Presentation Title:
The Neurobiology of Trauma and Its Application to Successful Treatment, Tuesday, June 27th, 2023, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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Trauma is structured and cleared in layers.

It has neurobiological underpinnings that need to be accurately mapped to be successfully treated.

Participants will learn the structure of trauma and an evidence-based technique from the field of Energy Psychology for rapidly clearing trauma from the conscious mind, unconscious mind and body.

Speakers: Judith Swack, PhD, and Wendy Rawlings, MS, LMHC,

In 2023, AMHCA returns to New Orleans with our 2023-2024 President, Dr. Deirdra Sanders-Burnett.

Join us as we return to a city with a vibrant history, amazing food, and unique atmosphere.

We can't wait to 'Let the good times roll' in the city that has a place in our hearts and AMHCA history!

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    Fear of Flying
    “Before we worked together, I wasn’t just afraid of flying. I was petrified and unable to fly and skeptical that anyone could help, because nothing else had worked for me. (I had previously tried homeopathy and completed the “Fear of Flying” program, sponsored by the airport, to no avail.) Now, after just 3 sessions with you, my phobia is completely gone. I flew to New York, and although it was a turbulent flight, I was more comfortable than my flying companion. I was OK the night before, at the airport, walking down the tunnel to board the plane, on the plane and during the landing. I’m looking forward to my trip to Europe – as is my husband who thanks you as well. ”

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    Diane & Paul Piper

    Phobias in Pets
    “As a graduate of your programs I learned how to use tapping in my job as a nurse helping people tap out anxiety from getting blood drawn and injections due to phobias of needles. Recently my cat became very ill and was on medication for a month and spent overnight in an animal hospital. When he came home, my cat hid from us for two months, one of the months hardly eating. Once we could get him out of hiding I decided to start tapping some of the trauma he had been through from being sick. To my amazement he sat still for a short time and let me tap him. I tapped the head between the eyes and just below his neck and on his chest. Over the course of a week my husband Paul was amazed and kept encouraging me to tap the cat as much as I could. Well now we have a 16 pound lap cat. Since he was a kitten and we tried to trim his claws he would not sit on our laps, so we stopped clipping his claws and left it up to the vet only as needed. Now he sleeps on Pauls chest. He is sitting on my lap sleeping as I do this letter, This may sound crazy but we now have a lap cat after 10 yrs of having the cat. This is a real miracle of how tapping is effective.”

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    Hugh Curneen

    Childhood Fear of Being Alone
    “Treated by our associate David Danzig
    I want to thank you for all your help with finding a way for (our son) Bryan to deal with his fears of being left alone and being kidnapped. It has made life so much easier for Bryan as well for both his mother and me. I must say that I was somewhat skeptical about the methods that you used, pressing forehead while holding back of head, zipping up and down, 1-2-3 swish, etc. but I cannot deny the results. They have been great, far exceeding what we expected and so immediate.

    Bryan had been visiting a therapist for his fear of being left alone for a number of months prior to seeing the TV news report about Judith’s methods for dealing with phobias. Bryan was not making any progress until his first session with you. My wife commented to me afterward that Bryan really opened up to you and spoke very freely about his fears and seemed very comfortable.

    Bryan can now stay at home and baby-sit his younger sister and let his Mom and Dad go out for a while or I do not have to rush home from work to watch the kids so that my wife can go to school. At the mall, he no longer has the fear of being kidnapped, which allows him to go into his favorite store on his own.

    I was most fascinated with your techniques and finding the acceptable boundaries to relieve Bryan of his allergies to both cats and pollen. He has played with the cat at his friend’s house over the past couple of weeks with no apparent effects. In the past, he would keep well away because he would get all stuffed up and start sneezing and be miserable for hours afterwards.

    I thank you, Bryan thanks you, my wife thanks you, and Bryan’s sister thanks you. Keep up the good work.”

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    Lucinda Maya-Djernes


    Fear of Heights
    “I had a life long fear of heights. It lessened somewhat as I aged, so I could tolerate heights that are contained in some manner (ie: fence/nailing clean windows). But open heights like cliff tops, near edge-forget it! I’d be in a total panic even if someone else was at the edge and I was not.

    My husband doesn’t have a problem with heights. We took an extended honeymoon to the southwest in Sept-Oct. 98. We went back country hiking on BLM land outside Bluff, Utah to find ancient cliff dwelling ruin in a canyon. Our directions weren’t specific enough and of two possible canyons, we picked the wrong one! We agreed to go to the end anyway and when we got there my husband suggested we climb out of that canyon into the correct one over the rock between them. He suggested a way up. It looked doable to me from the canyon floor. Well, 1/2 way up I realized we were walking up a slick rock cliff face at about a 65’angle. I began to panic! He got me to a safe resting place behind a large boulder, and I fell apart – crying terrified, totally overcome by fear! I quickly began to do EFT. Within 10-15 minutes I was able to clear my anger at my husband for “getting me into this” and my panic/ fear/ terror that, “If I move I’ll fall to my death”. I was completely calm, completed the climb (although there weren’t anymore extremely steep sections) and was fine through out the rest of the hike.

    An hour or so later, we reached an impasse going down the second canyon where a natural drop off with cut back created the space for the cliff dwelling. I found myself at the edge of a 2 story drop off, leaning out to take a photo. And we had to climb back up out of the 2nd canyon to get out. This climb up was easier than the first, but still a challenge. I did it easily. In addition, as the next 3 weeks of the trip progressed, I hiked in more places culminating with the Grand Canyon. I was able to walk the undeveloped ruin trail with little to no problem. Drop offs were 1000+ feet, no railing but often brush or some tree over the edge. Still, I couldn’t have done it before this experience in Utah..”

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    Computer Engineer

    Childhood Trauma
    “As I approach the end of my bi-weekly sessions with you, I am compelled to write to you and thank you for restoring my confidence in therapy. My very first session with you was a godsend. I only spent an hour and a half in your office but immediately afterward, I was able to share with my close friends the “secrets’ of my childhood. “Secrets” that I had carried with me for over 40 years. From that session on, I knew I was hooked. You made me feel in 1 ½ hours better than I had felt after 2 years of weekly therapy sessions.

    During my 2 years of “normal” therapy, I truthfully felt that I was not getting anywhere. I certainly did not feel that I was being healed! Your techniques and methods are far superior than the ones practiced by mainstream therapists. Hooray for you!!

    I highly recommend you to anyone who is seriously committed to healing themselves. It takes a lot of work and personal commitment but it is well worth it.

    Once again, thanks for your support, help and commitment. It has made the process easier and more fulfilling. The rest is now up to me.”

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