Health Testimonials


Health Testimonials

While undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer I had an allergic reaction to one of the drugs, taxol. The nursing staff told me that taxol has a high risk of causing allergic reactions during treatment. Symptoms include difficulty breathing and redness in the face and throat. They wheeled an oxygen tank right up next to me, and a placed a shot of benadryl on the table in front of me… just in case. I took the infusion without incident, but a week later I developed a rash – hundreds of little red dots all over my body. I saw my oncologist who said it was probably an allergic reaction to the taxol and advised me to take benadryl, go home, and take it easy.

The next day I had an appointment with Lisa and mentioned the rash to her and Judith. (It would have been difficult to miss.) Judith said “Your body is pissed off!” and recommended tapping (Natural Bio-Destressing) before treatment to deal with my body’s shock at being invaded. Lisa treated me for other issues involved with having cancer, like giving myself permission to take care of myself, and not needing illness to get attention from others.

The next morning the rash was 80% gone! The next day it was completely gone. Later that week, at my next chemotherapy appointment, I told my wonderful nurse practitioner about my HBLU SM session and the rapidly disappearing rash. I asked her if that was unusual. She said that typically a rash would take a couple days to get as bad as it was going to get and then would take about a week to go away slowly, a little bit each day. She confirmed that “something” had definitely happened during the appointment to heal the rash. Thanks Lisa and Judith.
– A.H., Admin. Assistant

I had been suffering with allergies for four moths prior to meeting Judith and the number of things I was allergic to and the severity of my symptoms kept growing. The core of my allergies seemed to revolve around mold (growing in my basement, in food, associated with rainy weather, and proliferating in my body.) Before working with Judith I had not only been taking lots of medication to treat the symptoms and decrease sensitivity to the substances, I had also been taking many different vitamins to improve my immune reactions. The hardest aspect of my allergies was the need to maintain an extremely strict diet (prohibited cheeses, vinegar, yeast, sugar.) I felt like all I could eat was cardboard.

We concentrated on clearing up the allergies and dramatic results were achieved. The very next morning I tested the success of the treatment by eating a donut. Not only did it taste like manna from heaven, but I had none of the sneezing and runny nose symptoms that were usually and immediately associated with forbidden substances. Of course, I was extremely excited and ate everything else that day that I wasn’t supposed to , all with the same wonderful results. Since then, I have not had any symptoms associated with food sensitivity and continue to eat whatever I want. I also discontinued my medication to reduce sensitivity at the same time.

I still occasionally have some symptoms associated with environmental allergies but this too is a dramatic improvement. I am really happy to feel so healthy and am grateful to Judith who helped me to clear the underlying cause of the problem.
– Joan Kaminski, Computer Industry Marketing

After working with Dr. Swack for 2 years on personal growth issues with great success, I finally challenged her with my greatest on-going health problem — severe allergies. After one session I was able to stop taking a variety of prescribed medications. As Dr. Swack explained, allergies result when the body overreacts to stimuli. Her techniques convinced my body that these overreactions were unnecessary. Since that session, I have had just a few minor episodes and have been completely medication-free.
– David Wilcox, Marketing & Sales Executive

It is a pleasure to report the results of the healing intervention on my brain over the period of one year. Since we last met, I have successfully completed a quantitative dissertation where I performed the statistical analysis. Prior to your work on healing my brain injury I barely had the capacity for simple mathematical equations. I was sure that I would be unable to perform the statistical computations without assistance.

I find that I feel neurologically balanced and am better at discerning patterns, including, but not limited, to numbers and sequencing. This is the greatest gift, for it opens channels in my life that were previously unavailable. Your skill is amazing and I cannot thank you enough for this exquisite healing.
- Ruth R. Molin, Ph.D. LMFT, LMHC February 29, 2004

My sister-in-law “Mary” was in the hospital with Crohn’s Disease and about to have colostomy surgery the following Monday. On the Friday before, Judith worked with her over the phone and by Saturday morning, “Mary” had stopped bleeding, baffling the nurses and doctors. By Tuesday, she was released from the hospital with her colon intact and on the road to regaining her strength and health.
- Maggie M. Connor

This beloved client has been treated for years for a chronic illness. She suddenly developed an inability to breathe. Fearful that her illness had suddenly worsened, she consulted the doctor who had been treating her. He found nothing particularly wrong and suggested she increase her medication. When she tried that, it had no effect on the breathing difficulty. She then called for an emergency HBLU appointment. This letter to her doctor tells of how HBLU helped her with breathing difficulty:

Dear Doctor,

Yesterday I was treated by Judith Swack who developed HBLU Healing From the Body Level up. I had emailed her my symptoms. She said that when a person can’t breath that usually indicates a loss trauma.

The weekend before the breathlessness started, I visited my 18 year old daughter, Erin, who is working as a camp counselor in the San Juan Islands. She will be going away to college in the Fall. When I left her this time I knew that when I saw her in a few weeks she would no longer be a child but pretty much an adult. I would be losing my baby forever. We cleared this with TAT, a holding method that releases emotions from your body, but it would not completely clear. This is because I had an earlier loss trauma.

This occurred when Erin was 6 years old. One day when I looked at my 6 year old I realized that my baby was gone. That little person that I was so in love with had disappeared. The method of choice to clear this loss trauma was psychic observation. This is where Judith just looks at you and sees what she sees. What she saw was a valentine type heart cracked in half and hanging on by a thread. She told me to pick it up and mold it back together which I did, figuratively of course. The she watched as it turned from a dark color to a bright red. She said it carried the love of God which was mine to hold but not to keep.

This type of loss trauma is very common in women with only one child. Occasionaly it happens when there are 2 or more children. The learning I took away from this is to love the whole person, not just the 3 year old or the 16 year old. Although this may sound very strange, my breathing is completely back to normal. The amount of medication, or lack of medication I have taken has no effect on my breathing. This is a BIG relief. The jury is still out on my new medication. I will let you know.

L.C. Scientist and Mother

There are 3 components to Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) that are distinct yet intertwined. They are: pain, depression and sleep disorder. The etiology is well described by Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., David Nye, MD, and others. I have described it below from my own personal experience.

Pain: On any ordinary day, the pain was like body pain that Fibromyalgia Syndromehat accompanies the flu. I woke up with it daily. At peak (called a “flare up”) the pain limited my ability to get out of bed, i.e.: I couldn’t move my muscles or joints. The trigger points were exceedingly painful on touch.
Sleep disorder: “No full night of sleep, drowsy at AM, and over-tired all day long” was normal for me.

Depression: A mild to debilitating sense of unhappiness and angst was always present. There were suicidal moments and weeks of severe depression. My energy was so lacking that life held no real sense of joy, fun or accomplishment. It seemed that if I just tried harder I could overcome this.
Additionally, a “Mental Fog”: Always, I seemed to reach through a veil to grasp or connect to what was going on. I had to concentrate very hard to know what I was thinking or what others were asking of me. I felt stupid and inadequate for my work or day-to-day tasks. (Finally, I read that Mental Clarity is an issue for FMS sufferers and that it’s considered a result of the chronic pain, depression and sleep disorder.)

The list of common triggers of FMS includes stress, trauma (physical or emotional) and endocrine problems and there seems to be a genetic predisposition. All of these factors were present in my life and my sister was diagnosed with it is as well as my mother’s cousin, Don. (Interestingly, he is a cousin through her father’s side, so that rather discounts the “maternal line” story in the genetic predisposition for our family! And, given that he’s male, it counters the “female, aged 20-50” story, too!)

I used many forms of body work (including: chiropractic, massage, cranial sacral, reflexology, etc.), nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathy, diet, exercise, hypnotherapy, counseling, traditional psychotherapy and journalling as well as prescription medication (Elavil and Zoloft.) Everything helped a little and enabled me to stay alive, work and get from today to tomorrow. Yet, nothing worked on all the issues. This went on for years!

What worked?
Over the course of 1 year, the Swack Methodologysm has helped me to peel back the layers of stress and trauma that kept me ill and I have healed the FMS.

The trauma protocols helped to release the cellular memories of accidents and injuries. The “deathwish protocol” helped me release a long-standing emotional issue. Through these sets of releases, I found the pain diminish and even when I broke my ankle (yes, these things happen when we’re healing!) the resulting “flare up” was only a 24-hour period and the low-level body pain only lasted a few days. Over the past months, I have experienced diminishing pain, overall, and no longer feel like I have the flu every day upon awakening!

Another protocol (called “holy one gone bad”) works with the spiritual dimension and reconnected me with my soul mission. And gave me a new sense of mental clarity. As I shared with Judith, “I’ve come out of the fog!”

Lastly, during a Rolfing session I discovered that I was holding strong emotions in my myofascial tissue. (Interesting location, given that FMS is considered a myofascial pain syndrome!) Using the tangle protocol I released a “vat” of anger and fear. The result was a relaxing and energizing effect that I felt all over my body.

(A Footnote: My Rolfer was impressed that someone with FMS was able to complete the full 10 sessions! I found it easier when I incorporated tools I had learned through the Swack Methodologysm with the process of Rolfing.)

What’s Happening Now?
I am aware that I am healed from FMS. I no longer take a daily handful of supplements and herbs. I see the chiropractor only twice a month and get regular exercise. I have also learned that some pain, sadness and sleeplessness is part of life and not a sign that a “flare up ” is around the corner. Most importantly, I have the tools needed to clear trauma as it occurs – so nothing has to build up inside and make me sick!
– L.T., Performance Consultant

I suffered an average of 3 headaches per week. Each headache may have lasted two days. I felt as if I lived most every day with a severe, pounding headache. These headaches often accompanied a sinus infection, which ultimately lead to an antibiotic for two weeks at a time. Because of the frequency, my allergist ordered a cat scan. The results suggested an extreme blockage of the sinus membranes. The headaches were a natural result of the sinusitis. He felt that it might be necessary to do surgery to alleviate the blockage. Fortunately, someone referred me to JAS. After 3 session, my headaches seemed to decrease significantly. We worked on issues that contributed to the headaches and sinusitis. To this day, I do not suffer from headaches. The sinus infections and pain associated with them have also diminished remarkably. Thank you Judith!
– A.L., Entrepreneur

I first came to Judith Swack and HBLU several years ago after developing a fear of flying. I had tried many other “cures” but to no avail. I was telling someone about the frustration I was feeling and she recommended I contact Judith Swack. It worked.

About five years later I was diagnosed with hypertension. I was surprised at this because I had a good diet and exercised regularly. But it was a condition that ran in my family. My doctor tried different medications. I was often on two at a time, but I was still not able to control my blood pressure. I was told I had labile hypertension. Controlling my blood pressure continued to be a problem and in December 2002 I had an episode that scared me and I ended up in the emergency room. The doctors put me on a third medication, which made me feel very tired. Even with this my blood pressure would go up too high at times.

In January 2003, I again sought the help of Judith Swack. We began working on a biweekly basis and by April my blood pressure had stabilized. I am back to two medications. My internist was thrilled. This was the first time since the diagnosis that my blood pressure had been normal. She attributed the change to the mind/body work I had been doing.

I continued to work with Judith until November of last year. We concentrated on redesigning my work process so I could concentrate on future endeavors. Since then my blood pressure has been stable even through some stressful times. I know now that I can concentrate on the important issues in my life. Thank you, Judith!
- Joan Shafran Business Executive March 1, 2004

p> Dear Judith, I thought I should write an update to our last few contacts. If you remember, we did a process with HBLU on my interstitial cystitis back in July, 1999 and a follow up in August 1999 when we discovered the role of antibiotics in my condition. I was diagnosed with Interstitial in April of 1999, after having suffered mysterious symptoms with my bladder over the previous three years. Previous to my diagnosis, I had been prescribed several rounds of antibiotics which did not touch the symptoms and left me rather irritated over how to get rid of what was becoming more and more of a nuisance. As you know I also have severe allergies to wheat and milk which I discovered after 30 years of discomfort so the diagnoses of interstitial cystitis with its concomitant diet restrictions were, indeed, not a welcome addition to my already limited diet.

I would never be a candidate for “anhedonism” and thoroughly enjoy cooking and eating and drinking (and a big advocate of table fellowship); it is to this end that I write to you with the good news that my interstitial cystitis is much improved since your interventions. I am able to drink red wine (last night while the blizzard raged outside), I drank one third of a bottle of Mouton Cadet and suffered no ill effects. I can drink coffee in moderation and limited amounts of citrus fruits. I have NO PAIN and while I do rarely experience a tiny bit of leaking (either from too much coffee or citrus), I eat normally and have no chronic symptoms. I have switched to Ester C for my vitamin C regime.

I have been experiencing continued improvement over the past four months. Interstitial cystitis is no longer a dominant force in my life. I would love to hear about others who have suffered interstitial cystitis and have done some HBLU.
– Jan Greenough, Therapist

I have suffered with chronic interstitial Cystitis (inflammation of bladder) for ten years. The pain, frequency, burning, and sleep disturbances became so unbearable that I seriously considered having my bladder removed. Daily activities and caring for my three-year-old daughter were becoming increasingly more difficult and almost impossible. As a last resort my physician referred me to Judith.

After just a few sessions of HBLU work, my pain had dropped in half and I slept in stretches of four to six hours. Something I had not experienced in over ten years. My energy improved and I no longer needed a babysitter to help care for my daughter. I am completely confident that with nutritional supplementation combined with additional HBLU work, my bladder will heal completely. Judith, thank you for giving me my life back.
– Susan Carr, Wife, Mother & Optimist

On May 26th I hobbled into Judith Swack’s office at the suggestion of my chiropractor who I had been seeing almost three times a week and we were both frustrated with how my ankle was responding to his adjustments.

In July of 2004, as I was stepping off a curb, I mis-stepped , breaking my left ankle and severely spraining my right. My left ankle required surgery to place 13 pins and a 7 inch plate into it. Recovery was painful, long and tediously slow. In fact, 9 months later, I was still not able to walk on it without a great deal of pain, swelling and a limp which was making the rest of my body off balance. Frankly, it was exhausting!

The doctors decided that I had to get the hardware removed, which we scheduled for mid June. I met with Judith 4 times prior to surgery, and when I walked into her office 2 weeks after getting out of the cast, it was truly a miracle, I was walking without any limp at all. And there was no swelling, usually orthopedic surgery takes 3 months to recover from.

Judith and I had worked on clearing the physical injury trauma which set me up for a quick and successful recovery from the surgery that I had to have. It allowed my ankle to clear from the restraint of the pins and plates and it also cleared my ankle from being broken in the first place and the need that it had to hang onto the injury. Judith didn’t stop there though. We attended to all the other parts that had been affected by my injury; my right ankle, my knees, hips, toes and back, even my gut!

Working with Judith was a must for me, and I’ve continued to work with her. (In fact, she now works with the majority of my family.) I can honestly say after all the doctors I had been to, Judith was the only one who got me the results I was looking for; to put this injury behind me!

If you have surgery scheduled, you must see Judith prior, your recovery will be half what the doctor’s tell you and if you don’t believe me, just watch me walk. Thanks Judith.
– B.G., Dedham, MA

After reading your last newsletter I had to let you know about a success story. I went through a year of urinary frequency and unnecessary treatment of medications because the physicians did not know what to do with me. I had to have medical procedures that indicated no major problem just something causing irritation. I was also unable to drink wine as that was a major irritant. After taking your advanced healing working out the tangles I have been symptom free. I no longer wake up at night with frequency of urination, I also have been able to drink wine without any irritation. This is amazing to me because I have one kidney and was so concerned. Of all the treatments I have used none has cleared the problem like your techniques. Thank you for all your hard work.
– Diane Piper, LPN

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